The Deckert Clock Company was established in 1970 by my mother, Inge Deckert and me, Bernd Deckert. In the first years only we, as well as my father, Dieter Deckert, managed the company because it started as a hobby.

          In the beginning we bought, sold and restored authentic European antique wall, floor and table clocks, especially Morbier clocks. At that time, the Morbier clocks were bought in France by carloads by my father and me on regular trips during long journeys throughout France. But soon in the early seventies we also started to produce parts for clocks, hands, dials, weights, etc. to be used for restoration purpose. The first reproduction of a Morbier clock movement was made in 1972-73 by Dutch Antique Dealers. We worked together with them by supplying parts and packaging, importing and selling the complete clocks in Germany and France but in 1981 we decided - buying the Dutch company - to continue by our own this production of Morbier movements in Germany.

          It is our aim to manufacture clocks that look like real antique ones. And through the years we really have come very close.

          It is very difficult to detect any difference between our reproductions and the genuine antique clocks. Our reproduction clocks look like real antique ones because the pendulums and decorations are made 'antique'. They are artificially stained, oxidized and hand-polished. Our movement is the most original copy of the famous French Morbier movement of the 19th century manufactured today. The lyre and pressed pendulums (balanciers repoussés) with moving figures/scenes in the bottom of the pendulum bob find customers all over the world loving these absolutely fabulous clocks.

          When we started our production, we could not find any supplier of enamel dials that could deliver the high standard of quality we required. Therefore we manufactured our own with the result that we today also supply enamel dials to other clock and furniture companies.

          Today, we manufacture a lot of different enamel dials that - because of its high quality - can be used for restoration of antique clocks as well as for the production of wall, floor and table clocks. Besides this line of genuine copies of Morbier clocks, mini Morbier clocks with weight-driven mechanical movements, tiny Morbier with quartz pendulum movements, brass enamel clocks, kitchen clocks and children enamel clocks are available. Our facilities in the heart of town of Düsseldorf were extended in 1999-2000 in a new building so that our staff now can serve you better on a total surface of more than 1000 sq. m. ( approx. 11.000 sq. ft).

          Since the beginning in 1970 we have been offering a wide range of antique European clocks, especially from France and Great Britain. Our showroom is like a museum. Last, but not the least, we established in 2001 the first Morbier Clock Museum showing the history of these magnificent clocks with approximately 200 of the finest antique clocks, a lot of them not even mentioned in literature. The company's total showroom space is about 350 sq. m. (3850 sq. ft.).

          In 2006 the museum space was expanded up to more than 200 sq. m. ( 2200 sq. ft.) in order to better present the increasing number of Morbier museum pieces. Guided tours through the impressive collection are now easier to be done. The museum, as well as the general exhibition spaces, can be hired for events like receptions, anniversaries, literature performances and the like.

          We sell and ship worldwide. In order to promote our production we exhibited in a lot of International Fairs, such as

  • 1974 - 1994 European Watch, Clock and Jewellery Fair, Basel, Switzerland
  • 1989 - 1994 International Watch and Clock Fair, Hong Kong
  • 1994 - 1999 International Furniture Fair, High Point, USA
  • Several shows during that time in New York (Gift Show), Atlanta and Las Vegas
  • International Furniture Show (Salon du Meuble) in Paris, France from the eighties since 2002
  • International Furniture Fair, Cologne, Germany, during the eighties and - fortunately again - since 2002
  • International Frankfurt Spring and Autumn Fair (today Ambiente and Tendence Fair) continuously since 1973

          Our running banner on our first web page will show you the actual dates of fairs and shows we shall participate in.

          Buying, selling, restoring antique Morbier clocks, manufacturing reproduction Morbier clocks, manufacturing parts and enamel dials for Morbier and other clocks, establishing the first Morbier Clock Museum, we presume to be today's No.1 source in the world for anything Morbier. Our web site will grow in the future to be the biggest supplier of anything related to Morbier clocks.

          If you are interested to become an importer/distributor of our clocks please contact us.

          From the beginning till now the following rules count for us:

          We only sell either authentic antique or new, but never combined.

          Necessary small replacement parts are accepted and listed in our certificate of authenticity but i.e. not a new dial or a new lyre or pressed pendulum married to an old movement. The majority (surely more than 90%) of Morbier clocks offered today with painted pressed pendulums and moving figures in the bottom of pendulum (automaton pendulums) are new, either new incl. the movement or combined with an old movement.

          Any antique Morbier clock bought from us comes together with a written and signed certificate of authenticity from the Morbier Clock Museum.

          We ship complete clocks (antique and reproduction) worldwide. The U.S. Market especially needs an importer/distributor. If you are interested in doing business with us, please feel free to contact us.

          It started in 1970 as a hobby and it is still a hobby establishing the first Morbier Clock Museum in 2001. Now after such a long time in business we surely are the No.1 source for anything Morbier.

          Give us a chance to serve you.