The Morbier Clock Museum was established in 2001 and was expanded in 2006 so that the total museum space now is more than 200 sq. m. ( 2200 sq. ft. ) and meanwhile more than 250 clocks show the development of these famous French Morbier clocks from approx. 1700 until its production end at the beginning of World War I.

          Among the variety of clocks shown the visitor may admire are such clocks which neither are pictured nor even mentioned in literature, such as a Morbier clock with flute automaton or with Thiout escapement , a 365 days running Morbier clock and a Morbier clock made by Lepaute while the well known clocks from literature of course are available: More than 20 clocks with 2, 3, 4 or 5 bells, the different escapements such as verge escapement, anchor escapement, escapements of Chévalier de Béthune, Graham, Thiout and pin-wheel escapement, Morbier clocks with central second hands, the different systems of moon phases ( 8 different clocks available ), Morbier clocks with cuckoo clock bellows or music movements, small Morbier tower clocks, Mini Morbier clocks, aso. It is obvious that all these clocks show the variety of dials, pendulums, dial decorations and surroundings, and hands of a period more than 200 years.

          Access to this Morbier Clock Museum is free of charge, normally over the week during work hours because it is a company museum. In any case, we require an appointment in order to make sure that Mr. Bernd Deckert, owner of the Deckert Clockfactory and collector of the Morbier clocks, will be present.

          The unique atmosphere of the Morbier Clock Museum and the general showroom of repro clocks allow these locations to be used for other performances such as wine tastings, company or family receptions and gourmet events.

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